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Here at SMART Academy we develop new writing talent, plus support and create a network for existing writers. We give writers the necessary skills and confidence to break into the stage, film, radio, television and literary industries. With jointly wellover 100 years of experience our teaching team share their knowledge and experience in a supportive and creative atmosphere.We offer training for writers both at home and abroad. Our team have taught internationally and across the country and they are all professional practitioners - this means they are currently working in the industry.

Professional writers and industry practitioners supporting you at every stage of your writing career.

Writing programmes designed to help you break into the industry and stay there.

Distance Workshops

Distance workshops are virtual based using video Skype.

Skype Software is free to download Skype ( - but you will need to check that your broadband connection speed is suitable. Please check with your service provider.

You will need: Computer - High-Speed Internet Access - Internet Browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari (not Internet Explorer) - Internet Access / Skype - Video Link Access. A Microphone with attached Headset is recommended (you can find these at office supply stores for as little as GBP15).

For the best video quality, we recommend you use a high-speed broadband connection of 4 Mbps down/512 kbps up and a computer with a Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz processor. The minimum you’ll need is a high-speed broadband connection of 512 kbps down/128 kbps up and a computer with a 1 GHz processor.

Please note: people on phones and Skype video-enabled mobiles are currently able to join group video calls via voice only.


Jurgen Wolff Weekend

"I really enjoyed this a lot and found it very helpful. I wish there were more chances to explore writing in relation to drama / behaviour in this way. Nice balance between input from Jurgen and chances to improvise." - Charlotte Bennie

"Very user friendly! Unpretentious and practical. Practical tools to help the creative process as per the weekend course offered." - B Burrell

"Excellent - I found some of the dynamic exercises invaluable and made me think about exploring my own characters creatively in ways that hadn't occured to me. Very illuminating and thank you" - Ed Griffiths

"Initially doubted the use of improv for writers - really opened my eyes. Great day." - Simon Roser

"Informative and fun, enjoyed the exercises and techniques!" - Mike Sheer

"A thought provoking workshop with exercies that open the creative side of the brain. Small, supportive class were I felt comfortable to offer ideas." - Sandra Slinger

"Refreshing. Very nice and informed tutor with a good mix of exercises and lecturing." - Janet Wells

"Excellent day. Lots of wonderful practical help, useful tips - great impro work, love the work with sitcoms, character, sub-text. Great mixture of anecdote, information and tips. Very practical and useful. Worth every penny!" - Corinne Sweet